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Schinder-Trail® – Backyard Ultra

In January 2018 Cyclone Friederike hit our region with the result of heavy destrucion at our forests. The following drought year brought us the bark beetle in sheer enormity and destroyed huge parts of our home forests. Now the whole region is confronted with the task to reforest huge areas. The Schinder-Trail, with the intention to help the region with social and environmental projects, will help the forestry office with this task.

The race at this event will take part on a 6,7056 km (4.166667 miles) long round course on forest- and farm tracks at the disctrict of Rettert, a small township inside the natural park of Nassau. Rettert is part of the Einrich County and with 420m the highest municipality in this region. The municipal forest at this township got hit extremly hard by the cyclone and the bark beetle. Therefore we will support here to reforest the destroyed areas. With each completed round on the race track at the Schinder-Trail® – Backyard Ultra we will come closer to our target, because every completed round will give us a high grade broadleef tree incl. a protection for damage caused by game animals. We will plant these trees together with the forestry office after the race.


The Backyard Ultra Weekend


The village hall
56357 Rettert



Oct. 01st-04th 2021


The course:

A 6,7056km (4.166667 miles) long round track with a mix of forest trails, farm tracks, tarmac and gravel paths.

You can find the course incl gpx-file here (we be finalized one week before the race: Outdooractive-Link


The race:

Schinder-Trail® – Backyard Ultra 2021 – Savior of the lost forest



01.10.2021 20:00 Uhr Start Schinder-Trail® – Savior of the lost forest

Open End



Base fee: 30€ (at the registration)

Each completed round: 3€. That is the cost to plant a tree (all completed rounds on the course after the 16th round are free of charge, so a max. of 48,-€ has to be paid for the completed rounds). The fee for the completed rounds are payable after you finish or quit the race. Donations are warmly welcome. 



1 Checkpoint at the start & finish line. The food and drink selection is the same as you may already have seen on other Schinder–Trail races. There are additonal food and drink stations with BBQ and draft beer for runners and visitors for small money (We are here to reforest, not to get rich).



„Attended-but Failed-Medals“ for each runner. Trophy for the the winner (if there is one 🙂 ). Flight ticket to Nashville /TN if the winner gets an invitation to run at Big Dogs Backyard Ultra. But the main prize will get mother nature. That will be your donation for each completed round for the reforestation.





Event Information Schinder-Trail® – Savior of the lost forest

 „Savior of the lost forest“ is a so called Backyard Ultra, a Last Man Standing race. The basic rule is simple. The race will last as long as a runner is on the round course. All runners will start one round at every full hour. If a runner is not at the start line when the new round will start, the runner will be out of the race. Just so simple! 🙂

At the beginning the 6,7 Km course will be an easy going task and most runners will have enough time for a rest, F&B and a small talk with their crew or other runners. But after a while, the legs will get tired, special on the uphill runs. But the time is running adamantly. Every full hour a new round will start.

Are you still on the track, at the wash room, for dinner, sleep, criing or whatsoever; Again!!! If you are not at the start line at the next full hour, you are out of the race. If there is only one runner left and he will finish one last round, he is the winner. If not, there is no winner, and nobody survived at the revenge of the forester.

There is a whistle signal 3, 2, and 1 minute before the new start of each round. Runners must be at the start line latest a minute before start.

There is no mandatory equipment, just a head lamp must be worn during night.