Public transportation to the Event-Location

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Dear runners,

In less than 6 weeks you will be on your way to Holzhausen to join the Schinder-Trail Grauer Kopf.

I already got several mails how to travel to Holzhausen. Google Maps is not so helpful with Information about the public transportation in our hillbilly area. ?

Well, you will probably arrive at one of the main cities in our area. Frankfurt (Airport or main station), Wiesbaden/Mainz or Koblenz. When you will arrive in Frankfurt you must travel to Wiesbaden. No matter if you will arrive at Frankfurt Airport (you must go to the airport regional railway station) or at Frankfurt Hbf (Main station); There are frequent local city trains to Wiesbaden every 20min. Outside Wiesbaden Hbf (main Station) you can find the bus station with a bus line to Holzhausen. The transport network RMV serves the region south from Holzhausen (Rhein-Main area). Here is the link: The final destination must be „Holzhausen (Haide) Bäderstraße

People, who will come from the north or northwest will probably arrive in Koblenz Hbf (main station). From Koblenz you have to continue to St. Goarshausen, Nassau or Diez and then take a bus. The transport network in this area is the VRM and the link to search for the best way Holzhausen is: The final destination must be: „Ottomotoren-Museum, Holzhausen (Haide)

Both transport networks have smartphone apps, which can help you to find your way to the Schinder-Trail and back the next day.


If you like to camp in Holzhausen, you can walk to our campground in the forest. You can find the google route from the race-area to the campground here.

Infos about the campgound in Holzhausen you can find here:

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